Website Delisting on June 25, 2020

The SPWLA French Chapter SAID is now re-branded SPWLA France and this website is being phased out. Please visit us on our new website at


SAID/SPWLA France : AGE and AGO in 2020 - New Board for 2020-2021 - New Name of SAID: SPWLA France Chapter - Become member in 2020

Assemblées générales Extra-Ordinaire et Ordinaire in 2020 :
During an Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire, members of SAID/SPWLA France have voted by Internet via Electionrunner application on February 2, 2020 for the new statuts ( By-laws ) of SPWLA France.

From March 21st to April 4, 2020 an Assemblée Générale Ordinaire (AGO) has taken place by Internet via electionrunner application to allow members of SPWLA France to vote. The quitus for past administration and accounting from 2017 to 2019 and for the future bugdet for the next 2 years have been accepted. The project of a new règlement intérieur associated to the new by-laws, the RGPD chart for protection of personal data have been accepted . The 9 candidates for the Conseil d'Administration (CA) for the coming years 2020 et 2021 have been elected..

The 9 members of the Conseil d'Administration for 2020-2021 are :
Armando Araujo , TOTAL E&P
Emmanuel Caroli , TOTAL E&P
Hafiz Hamzah , TOTAL E&P
Jacques Delalex , Consultant
Jean-Etienne Jacolin, Schlumberger
Jérôme Laval , IFP School
Samira Ahmad , Schlumberger
Yahaya Mohammed , Schlumberger

The new board elected on Friday Avril, 17 2020 is as follows :
President : M. Jean-Etienne JACOLIN
Vice-president : Ms. Mei HAN
Treasurer: M. Jérôme LAVAL
Admin Secretary : M. Hafiz HAMZAH
Technical Secretary : Ms. Samira AHMAD

SPWLA Charter signed :
In 2018 , S.A.I.D., french chapter of SPWLA , has renewed his affiliation to SPWLA , by signing, after the vote of the members , the SPWLA charter .

SPWLA France Chapter :
In the mean time, after the vote , the name of SAID Association has been changed to : "SPWLA France Chapter".

SPWLA France Website :
A new website : with a new logo has been created . It proposes now a refreshed presentation in line with the habits of the association. All the information of the SAID website has been copied and transfered onto this new website.

Ho can you become full member or affiliated member of SPWLA France ?

From now on, the annual fee will not be requested in France anymore .

To be a member of "SPWLA France chapter", you have to be a member "Professional" of SPWLA and select the chapter " SPWLA France (SAID)". On SPWLA web site: -> Membership-> Become a member -> Professionnal -> Become a member -> Create an account,

,  then select the chapter "SPWLA France (SAID)" and pay on line the annual fee at the beginning of the year. If you belongs to a country listed in Group 2, the annual fee is lower. .

You will then benefit of the following items listed here below .
You can also choose to be an Affiliate member of "France SPWLA Chapter", but without the right to vote in the local chapter election, and without possibility to apply to be a member of the board: On the SPWLA web site -> Membership-> Become a member -> Become a Chapter affiliate -> Create an account, then select the chapter  "France (SAID) , without paying any fee.

To attend the next technical sessions, you will have to be either member or, at least, affiliate member.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS (does not apply to Affiliate Chapter Member)
-Chapter Monthly meetings in your region or any of our SPWLA Chapters and SIGs.
-Online digital copies of The SPWLA Today Newsletter.
-Online digital copies of Petrophysics Journal. (printed copies available for purchase)
-Discount registration fees to our Spring and Fall Topical Conferences.
-Discount registration fees to our Annual Symposium.
-Discount registration fees to our On-site Training Center in Houston.
-Eligibility to serve on the International Board of Directors. (excluding student membership)
-Online Technical papers. (Member fee $1 download charge per paper – unlimited).
-Free Technical Presentation monthly webinars.
-Free Industry Leader recorded video’s. (under resources tab on website)