Website Delisting on June 25, 2020

The SPWLA French Chapter SAID is now re-branded SPWLA France and this website is being phased out. Please visit us on our new website at


SAID/SPWLA France : AGE and AGO in 2020 - New Board for 2020-2021 - New Name of SAID: SPWLA France Chapter - Become member in 2020

Assemblées générales Extra-Ordinaire et Ordinaire in 2020 :
During an Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire, members of SAID/SPWLA France have voted by Internet via Electionrunner application on February 2, 2020 for the new statuts ( By-laws ) of SPWLA France.

SPWLA France Chapter : No upcoming event yet due to Covid-19

May 2020 : No upcoming event is planned yet due to Covid-19 /

The new elected board will meet soon in order to establish the planning of future technical sessions for this year 2020 via a web link or somewhere in Paris Area .

SPWLA France, French Chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA), is an individual-membership non-profit making professional organization aiming at sharing knowledge and fieldwork experience among scientists, engineers, managers in the electronic wire-line logging, oilfield data processing, well logs interpretation in the petroleum exploration, oil and gas production, and drilling industry.

The Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the advancement of the science of petrophysics and formation evaluation, through well logging and other formation evaluation techniques.

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